Adult and Youth Altar Servers

Adult and Youth Altar Servers

Youth Altar Services

This ministry is open to all boys and girls in grades 3 and up. If you would like to be an Altar Server please speak to Msgr. Fitzgerald or Mr. Michael Fitzpatrick, the Religious Education Director. Information regarding training dates and times will then be sent home to the parents. Any parent with questions may call the Rectory Office at 508-673-7831 or Mr. Fitzpatrick at the Religious Education office at 508-679-1236.

About our altar serving ministry…

The Altar Server Ministry is made up of two categories—the boys and girls who serve the Saturday and Sunday masses, and the adult men and women who serve the weekday masses.

For the youngsters, the Altar Server Ministry is open to all boys and girls who are in Grades 3 and up in either public, private, or Catholic school. Each year, a new class of Altar Servers is recruited during February. Volunteers are given several training sessions and are then commissioned during a mass in March. Once commissioned, the new Altar Servers are soon scheduled to serve a mass about once a month. For their first few masses, they are paired with an experienced Altar Server so that they can feel at ease. Any boy or girl who is interested in becoming an Altar Server should complete an Altar Server sign-up form. These forms are available from Religious Education Teachers and also at the main entrance of the church.

The men and women of the adult Altar Servers group usually serve one morning mass per week. This group includes husband and wife teams, as well as individual servers. Their duties, in addition to serving the mass and assisting with communion, include opening the church on their assigned morning and setting up for mass (lights, sound system, candles, offertory gifts, etc.). One of the adult Altar Servers also performs lector duties at mass. After mass, the servers secure the church, putting away all mass implements, extinguishing lights and candles, locking doors, etc.

If you think you would like to join the Adult Server ministry, please speak with Msgr. Fitzgerald or contact the rectory. Serving morning mass is an ideal way to start your day.

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